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The Line In The Sand

For those of you that remember the term from TV this is an actual picture of the border between Kuwait and Iraq.

All That Glitters

This is a picture of some of the gold displayed in one of many stores in the gold district in Dubai. The district is always an interesting place to go if for nothing but window shopping and wishful thinking. I can imagine my nephews would go crazy looking at all the Bling here. And by the way most of the items in the Gold District here in the Middle East is 18K at a minimum. 22k is not uncommon here.

Somewhere in Hong Kong

This is an area of metropolitan Hong Kong. Yes, I should have taken better notes of where I went there as I am not sure of the name of the district that this photo was taken. I would say downtown Hong Kong but that would not be accurate. However, I do remember that I took this photo from a double decker bus if that helps :).

A Native Of A Different Type

A Building From Pearl's Peak

I really should have been paying attention during the tours so I would remember this place. All I know is it is on top of a place called Pearl's Peak which I reached by taking a tram up a really steep hill.

Worlds Only 7 Star Hotel

Got a few thousand to spend for a night? This is the place to go. Just for a tour of the grounds cost about $100 a person. For one night you can expect to pay about $4000 at a minimum unless you catch them in the off season. But from what I have heard the benefits are nice.

I Want You To Meet My Little Friend

Drunken Foreigner's Street

I actually visited Hong Kong twice during my vacation. I stayed there for 2 days during the beginng of my journeys and for 3 days waiting for a flight back to work. During my first stay, I took a tour and visited this area that according to my guide is popular with tourist. The Chinese name for the main street here translate to "Drunken Foreigner's Street" in English.

Cosmo Hotel Hong Kong

What I thought interesting about this place was not the high speed internet in the rooms nor the small size of the room for the price of a delux room, but the fact that the room numbers were on the floor instead of the door.